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  • Inn on Whitworth

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The Inn on Whitworth motto is where Art and Architecture meet Southern Hospitality.  Built in 1885, this historic building was built for the Louis Cohn General Merchandise Store. This building is located in the Brookhaven Downtown Historic District just down from the Chamber of Commerce.

About Brookhaven

City of Brookhaven website

Brookhaven-Lincoln County is one of the best places in the world to visit and live in southwest Mississippi, the state’s heartland. Brookhaven, the county seat of Lincoln County, is known as the “Homeseeker’s Paradise”, a name adopted in the early 1900s as a result of a local contest to find a nickname or motto that best described the community.
Brookhaven is home to the Mississippi School of the Arts, located on the historic Whitworth campus in the heart of the city. MSA welcomed its first students in August 2003 partly with inspiration from former Mississippi First Lady Pat Fordice, but mostly with the energy and determination of the people here.
One of the most notable citizens was A.E. Moreton, the building contractor who had built the New Orleans Opera House, who was encouraged by Milton Whitworth to move here to build the college in the 1850’s. Whitworth thought to have such talent in Brookhaven could ensure that many things he dreamed of would actually come to pass in his hometown. In the course of building the college halls and starting a new life, Moreton became a well-respected citizen who built many homes in the area, most notably the ones on South Jackson Avenue more commonly referred to as “Mississippi’s Most Victorian Street”.
The charming downtown streets and famous Brookway Boulevard of Brookhaven are a shopper’s paradise, with quaint specialty shops other cities and downtowns crave. An urban park running along the rail lines through the center of town include an 1825 historic log cabin on display and the historic train depot houses the Military Memorial Museum with photos, artifacts, personal items of area veterans as well as military equipment dating back to WW I.
Culture is the way of life of a people. In Brookhaven and Lincoln County, people enjoy festivals, parades, historic tours, musical and artistic endeavors, a community symphony and a community theatre which performs in the Historic Haven Theatre. A love of entertainment, shared laughter and a true appreciation of both the past and present defines the culture of this community. Whitworth and Moreton would be proud.

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