Bed and Breakfast Association of Mississippi
Post Office Box 13341
Jackson, Mississippi, 39236, United States

Quality Assurance Program

Our B&Bs are Inspected for a Consistent Guest Experience

These standards serve as the initial point of review for membership into the Association.
The Bed and Breakfast Association of Mississippi (BBAM) recognizes a bed and breakfast as defined in the BBAM By-Laws for establishments with from -30+ guest rooms described as Home Stay/Host Home (1-3 rooms), Bed & Breakfast (4-5), Bed & Breakfast Inn (4-20), Country Inn (6-30), or Botique Inn/Small Luxury Hotel (15-50) providing short-term lodging in a private home or professionally staffed property, which may include separate cottages for guest use in addition to facilities within the main home, and meets the quality standards as listed below.

A. Members shall operate their establishment as a legitimate and legal business. This includes having current and complete licenses, certificates, permits and compliance with applicable local, state, and Federal laws and ordinances.

B. Members are encouraged to welcome guests from all cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles.

C. Members shall act with integrity and professionalism in all their business practices.

D. Members shall portray their facility, pricing and policies adequately and accurately to their customers and the public at large, and refrain from misrepresentation in all advertising and promotions.

E. Members shall operate their establishment by interactions with their guests and a high degree of personalized service and hospitality.

F. Members shall provide an attractive, personalized environment for their guests.

G. Members shall provide at a minimum, a continental breakfast, which is prepared under clean and sanitary conditions and served in a pleasant environment.

H. Members shall take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of guests and their property, both indoors and out, as shall comply with all applicable Federal, state and local jurisdictional fire and safety codes as required.

I. Members shall ensure that all facilities, used by or in support of guests, will exhibit a high degree of cleanliness, be consistently well maintained and be appropriately sized for their function.

J. Members shall recognize that the successful participation in BBAM’s biennial Quality Review Inspection Program is a requirement for continued membership.

To download ca copy of the BBAM Quality Assurance Standards, Click Below (100 KB pdf)